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Mr. Shoes advanced research on fashion trends made especially to serve our valued clients has innovated the purpose and function of peep toe shoes to fit almost all kinds of modern women. From the time we were established in 1978, we understand that to become fashionable is to have the ability to analyze situations and time which greatly affects the attire you should be in for a particular event or occasion. However, it is a fact that fashion is greatly affected by style. Peep toe shoes are made in different looks which then requires the wearer to wear them at the right time.

To achieve a stylish fashionable ensemble, a woman should have the ability to choose the right shoes for the season. The changing weather and the climate are the basis of your footwear choice. Itís up for you to decide whether you would opt for those shoes that are made of fabric, patent leather or velvet.

Mr. Shoes have searched far and wide to provide you a pair of peep toe with the right heel-height will change the way you stride as it aids in reshaping your walking style. You can also consider wearing this footwear with a formal dress and lace hosiery or fishnet.

Peep toe ankle boots, for instance, would be perfect with leather and cotton leggings which are worn under a long tunic or sweater dress during the cold months. On the other hand, the same shoes could get along with shorts and light sweater or tees that would be comfortable and extremely fashionable during the warm months of the year. Womenís peep toe shoes could be enhanced with some retro accessories like slouchy beanies, fedoras, Benets and hats. They could also fit well skinny jeans that are made to be tucked in the shoes.

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