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This season there are many trends in the footwear department, all vying for the title of ‘fashion-leader’, and leading the field are the peep toe wedges. Peep toes are considered classic shoes, calling to mind the lost years of the 20’s and 30’s. But this year, with a contemporary overhaul, the peep toe is set to make a comeback, and one particular style coming to the fore are the peep toe wedges. These shoes have the classic look of the peep toe, with open toe designs and material over the upper foot, but have been updated with the addition of a wedge heel; cutting-edge and the height of fashion, every girl needs a pair of peep toe wedges this season.

Peep toe wedges are popular in all areas of the fashion industry, including the catwalk and the red carpet. They are fantastically versatile in terms of the types of outfits they compliment, they can be worn with jeans, – from skinny to kick-flare –, jeggings, leggings, evening dresses, work suits, short skirts, long skirts – virtually any type of look is enhanced by the addition of a good pair of peep toe wedges.

At, you can browse a fantastic choice in peep toe wedges, made from various materials – suede and leather are particular favourites, given their qualities of durability, coupled with the air of sophistication that such materials naturally present. Styles come in lower ankle and upper ankle design varieties, with laces, buckles or simply as slip on shoes. Various colours are available, including classic blacks and steely greys. There are shoes appropriate to all budget sizes, all of which maintain the highest standard of quality regardless of price.

You may have reservations purchasing shoes online; there are several concerns that people have. Firstly, there may be concerns regarding fit, how do you know whether the shoes you chose will fit comfortably? Well, shoe sizes are largely standardised across the footwear industry, if you know your shoe size, this is rarely an issue; comfort is practically guaranteed when wearing peep toe wedges, because of the knowledge and expertise that is part and parcel of the shoes sold here, you can rest assured that your shoes will be comfortable, as well as fashionable.

Secondly, people are often concerned about the security of their personal information when shopping online, use secure payment methods (PayPal and Google Checkout) to ensure the safety of their customers banking details, names, and addresses.